2006-06-10 / Viewpoints

Through An 'Old Timer's' Eyes

By Howard 'Mac' McDonald

Memorial Day has come and gone and Emporium and Cameron County did its justice. The festivities preceding this patriotic holiday were well represented; Freedom Week, the Vietnam Veterans appreciation dinner and every Veterans grave decorated with Old Glory. The parade and the ceremonies at the Veteran's Memorial on the west end of town was the "Crown Jewel" that marked the day.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006 was a real bummer as we all had to come down from the euphoria that was created by our threeday weekend. Sad good-byes to our visiting friends and family and the disappointment if your favorite driver didn't win any of the big races, and the hardest thing of all, we had to go back to work. Ah yes work, the curse of all the middle class.

We could all be cheered up by the good news that was on the tube. Three CBS news people blown up by a road side bomb, two dead, one badly injured,

plus an interpreter and a ways down on the list was one of our troops. Another name to be remembered next Memorial Day. I heard some people remark that they didn't feel sorry for the news people, pretty callous don't you think.

Mean while back at the funny farm (the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives) are haggling about what to do about the twelve million or so illegal aliens that has invaded our country. They can't think too clearly as they are wondering who is going to be indicted next.

Isn't it ironic that the moral Republicans have so many members who have their hands in the lobbyist cookie jar? They haven't been caught in a FBI sting like the Democrat from Georgia with the ninety thousand dollars of cold cash in his freezer. Oh what fools these mortals be. The Mexican debate has

come closer to home from what I understand. Emporium Hardwoods recently hired 16 Mexican workers.

The proposal to

have an amendment

to the Constitution to make gay marriages illegal is a ploy to make the people of this country forget the war in iraq. This should be an issue that is handled by each state. An amendment to the constitution will not reduce the number of gays.

Sometimes I sit and wonder if this nation can last through two more years of this administration's stewardship. Regardless of who wins the White House, how will the new people ever straighten out the mess they have inherited? In my lifetime, I do not think I will ever see a solution.

Almost sad enough to drive a man to drink. My wife tells me not to despair as the Lord works in mysterious ways.

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