2006-10-28 / Front Page

Front View:

2 voices serve better than one

Today our "soft launch" approach to providing an all-inclusive news medium in Potter County takes its biggest step forward.

A team of journalists, business people, family and friends have collectively concluded that the time is right to announce the establishment of our Coudersport location and to share some of our early goals in having a more meaningful presence in Coudersport.

And our presence will no doubt elicit all kinds of responses with probably the most common one being- why? Is there a need for another newspaper and what does it mean to the communities it serves?

Most importantly, a new communication medium results in diversity- diversity in editorial opinion, diversity in news coverage and diversity in presentation of each.

This paper will also provide another forum in which issues can be debated. That results in more of our community's voices being heard. Another newspaper will serve as an additional guardian of our consititutional rights.

It's another place to see the faces and friends we know. It's another way to celebrate our small towns and the people who live in them. It's another spotlight to shine into the corners of our communities that may otherwise be left cloaked. And let's hope that competition in news coverage will breed journalistic excellence and thoroughness. We'll sure strive for it.

A new business setting up its offices in the county seat is a positive development for the local economy. This business and its people will spend their money in the communities Endeavor News serves.

And, finally, in line with the dozens of other businesses, Endeavor News will support charities and non-profit organizations that it is able. It will support our schools and other community institutions.

We understand the magnitude of our responsibility and we'll work hard to earn your trust.

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