2007-02-03 / Front Page

Clock ticks for Time Warner employees

Time Warner Cable (TWC) will shut down two customer centers in Coudersport on Monday, idling more than 500 workers.

At the same time, about three dozen others are preparing for unemployment in the coming weeks as the Adelphia estate continues to close out its remaining operations in Coudersport.

Most of the jobless will be eligible for a severance check and unemployment compensation to temporarily cushion the blow, but the longterm picture is unsettling for both the employees and the community.

Endeavor News has learned that State Sen. Joe Scarnati recently led a prospective employer on a tour of TWC Advanced Product Customer Center. That was one of at least three companies that are at least interested in the facilities, as well as the skilled workforce that TWC will let go on Monday.

Scattered other employees affected by the shutdown are leaving the area, having accepted TWC employment offers in North Carolina, Ohio and Buffalo, N.Y.

Earlier this month, a consulting firm, Renaissance Partners, was brought in to coordinate a fast-tracked effort to recruit employers. North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission in Ridgway hired Renaissance. The Potter County Redevelopment Authority has been the company's local liaison.

Time Warner expects to keep about 75 information technology and engineering employees at its modern Data Center, which was acquired when the company purchased Adelphia's local assets last August. Those 75 jobs are a far cry from the upwards of 2,000 who were employed during Adelphia's heyday in Coudersport.

Fate of the other Time Warner-owned buildings, including the former Coudersport Elementary School on North Main Street, remains uncertain.

The garish Operations Center built in 2001 on South Main Street is owned by the Adelphia estate. Its future is also unclear.

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