2008-04-12 / Potter County News

Morley, Heimel supporting Stroehmann

Potter County Commissioners Paul Heimel (left) and Doug Morley (right) are supporting Jeff Stroehmann in the 5th congressional district race. Potter County Commissioners Paul Heimel (left) and Doug Morley (right) are supporting Jeff Stroehmann in the 5th congressional district race. Three of the candidates in the crowded race to succeed Congressman John Peterson have shared results of private polls they have conducted suggesting that the trio is distancing themselves from the others.

Jeff Stroehmann, Derek Walker and Matt Shaner are also identified by area political observers as the leaders of the pack in the scramble for the Republican nomination in the April 22 primary election.

Based on voter registration figures and historic results, the GOP nominee will be a favorite to be elected in November.

Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN), shown on the local Zito Media lineup in Cameron and Potter counties on channel 22, will air the 5th Congressional District Republican Forum from the Rocky Grove Fire Hall in Franklin on Saturday at 2 pm.

All nine GOP candidates vying for the seat now held by Rep. John Peterson have participated in several public forums. This is the first one to receive prominent airplay.

A Democratic forum taped April 10 at DuBois, featuring the party's three candidates, will air on PCN at 3:30 p.m. Saturday.

All 12 candidates are running to represent the state's 5th Congressional District which encompasses a 17-county area. The district is the second largest Congressional District east of the Mississippi.

Information on the candidates is also available on the internet at wpsu.org. Scroll down to the right corner of the home page and click on "Vote '08: Race for the 5th."

The two Republicans on the Potter County Board of Commissioners caused a stir this week then they endorsed Stroehmann, a Lycoming County businessman.

"Jeff's plan for reinventing rural Pennsylvania is just what we need here in Potter County, particularly when it comes to his economic vision and strategies," said Commissioner Doug Morley.

"Both Doug and I were impressed by the specifics of Jeff's plan," said Commissioner Paul Heimel. "Like Jeff says, we cannot rebuild our communities until we create more jobs. We also greatly value our natural resources and the things that make our county special. Jeff gets it, and we are eager to work with him on his campaign and in Congress."

Joining Stroehmann, Walker and Shaner in the Republican race are John T. Krupa, John Rea Stroup, Lou Radkowski, Keith Richardson, Chris Exarchos and Glenn W. Thompson.

Democratic candidates are Mark B. McCracken, Bill Cahir and Richard P. Vilello Jr.

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