2009-02-07 / Community Life


Rep. Martin Causer (RTurtlepoint) has begun serving his fourth two-year term in the Pa. General Assembly, representing Cameron, Potter and McKean counties.

Causer said his biggest concern is the state's financial condition. During the first half of the current fiscal year, state revenues have come in $658 million below estimates. The shortfall could reach $1.6 billion by the time end of the fiscal year in June.

"Given the financial challenges, I believe we have to make those tough choices to cut spending as much as we possibly can," Causer said. "We need to make the state more attractive to employers."

Other key issues he identifi ed on the House agenda include improving access to affordable health care, developing alternative energy strategies and finding funds to invest in roads, bridges and water and sewer infrastructure.

Rep. Causer operates an office at 2 Allegany Avenue in Coudersport; telephone 274-9769.

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