2011-02-26 / Outdoors

Tree stands on state game lands

Portable hunting tree stands and blinds will be permitted on state game lands from two weeks before the opening of the first big game season to two weeks after the close of the last big game season, excluding the spring gobbler season.

The Pa. Game Commission approved the regulatory change last month.

“Locating a tree stand on state game lands does not reserve a hunting area,” the agency reported. “The first person to arrive in a certain spot has the right to hunt that area.”

Portable tree stands are those that are not permanently attached to a tree. They include climbing, hang-on and ladder tree stands, as well as those constructed and lashed to trees.

Tree stands nailed or bolted to trees are illegal on state game lands. Hunters will be able to place their tree stands on state game lands two weeks prior to the archery deer season, and then have to remove the stands two weeks after the late flintlock deer seasons.

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