2011-02-26 / Viewpoints

Through An Old Timer’s Eyes


Our overworked government employees got another paid three-day pass. They’ve turned Presidents’ Day into a national holiday that always creates a threeday weekend. The troops down in the trenches are not gifted with this extra day off with pay. I guess that the working poor are fortunate to get any paid holidays off.

Speaking of Presidents, I have been honored to see two of them in person -- John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon. President Kennedy was at Andrews Air Force Base and he was getting off his Marine helicopter with Jackie and their children, Caroline and John John. Nixon was not President yet when I saw him at the terminal in Taipei, Taiwan. He was on this way to Red China to broker a deal for Pepsi Cola.

Wisconsin is making its cheese more binding for the state’s public school teachers. Their governor is trying to break the teachers’ union and is doing it in the guise of balancing the state budget. If he wants to cut the deficit, let him and his cronies take a pay cut.

Republicans do not like unions. Do you remember when Ronald Reagan broke the air traffic controllers’ union?

All the school districts in the good old USA are in financial trouble. Take Cameron County, for instance. There are less than 800 students and the hierarchy is knocking down one hundred thousand big ones and he even has an assistant at sixty grand. Jessie James was a crook, but in his whole career he didn’t knock down money like these guys are.

Why does a school district need so many administrators? I guess if us hillbillies will allow it to happen, they’ll go ahead and do it.

February is Black History Month and I have wondered why the speech police have not insisted that this month be called African-American History Month.

You have to be so careful when you mention anything about race. So many people are so thinskinned and take offense at the simplest remark. I have had my foot in my mouth so many times that my tongue looks like a sole off an old boot.

Things are a lot different now than when I was growing up and once in a while I still slip back into the jargon I was used to. I don’t believe I have enough time left in this life time to change, but I try to be more careful of what I say.

Another election is here and it looks like there could be a crowded ballot with people who want one of the cushy jobs that the political world has to offer. I would run for dog catcher but wearing a flea collar irritates the tender skin on my neck.

One of our local politicians accepted a freebie trip to the Super Bowl paid for by an energy company and he got the VIP treatment. You will come out smelling like a rose, Joe, because being a Republican puts you above those immoral Democrats. If you can get Tony Moscato away from his new $145,000 job, maybe he will help you with damage control.

Shame on you, Joe Scarnati. You should have known better. Like I have always said, Republican and Democrat politicians are all cut out of the same piece of cloth.

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