2011-08-20 / Front Page


CareerLink: Potter County stays; Cameron County goes

Potter County’s Career- Link office has escaped the guillotine, but the Cameron County center appears to be on its way out.

Officials are scrambling to maintain services for job-hunters and employers in the wake of funding cuts. They’re working on a more regionalized approach that makes broader use of internet based technology.

Some of the seven CareerLink centers spread across McKean, Elk, Potter, Jefferson and Cameron counties will be closed, officials said, and the Emporium office on Chestnut Street remains a candidate for elimination.

If that office does close, it will be replaced with an “access point,” possibly at the library, Chamber of Commerce office, or Recreation Center.

CareerLinks combine employment counseling and job training with services for employers. The system is an effort to draw disparate partners under one umbrella agency to reduce unemployment.

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