2011-08-20 / Viewpoints

Through An Old Timer’s Eyes


In Iowa, they grow corn and feed it to the cattle. The cows turn it into manure.

The Republicans have been there this week and they have also been producing a lot of BS. Meanwhile, the Democrats and the Republicans in Congress are on a month’s paid vacation. Does anyone think they deserve it?

One thing the Republicans do have in their favor in this Presidential derby is a pair of pretty good-looking women. The rest of the field is not so good-looking.

Old Newt cannot escape the past. He cut and run when he was Speaker of the House and went back to Georgia, where he abandoned his cancerstricken wife.

Now, the governor of Texas has joined the circus. Mitt Romney is my favorite among that field, but being a Mormon will be his downfall. It’s too bad that a person’s religion is held against him by some people.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Obama heard the old Greyhound commercial. He is taking the bus and leaving the driving to us. Our political scene sure does produce a lot of fodder for the comedians.

The terrible famine in Africa is making headlines, which I can understand, but we are ignoring the hunger in our own country. Ours is caused by greed and by the lack of meaningful employment while theirs is caused largely by lack of population control. We send doctors, nurses, medical supplies and food all over the world while tens of thousands of our own children go to bed hungry.

The SPCA has ads on TV about these poor neglected animals, but there is no mention of these unfortunate kids. The billionaires like Bill Gates and the rest of the wealthy in this country adopt whole countries to give their money to. Did they forget where they sold their wares? The churches are always sending their money and people out of the country.

Our welfare system supports second- and third-generation recipients and they are like the natives in Africa and do not exercise population control.

We are going on a decade now of the Bush/Cheney 100- Year War, still sucking up ten million dollars a day.

The Republicans don’t say much about it and the dumb Democrats can’t figure how to get out of that quagmire. Iraq is still getting its fair share of the loot and nothing has changed there.

Baseball season is winding down and preseason football is now being featured on the tube. The money crunch, the war and the weather will be forgotten. This country cares little about the grave situation in the world just as long as the millionaires will entertain them on the field.

NFL players have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Darwin was wrong. Just watch the antics when someone catches a TD pass.

College football is just like the pros, except there are a high percentage of NCAA players wanted by the law. I don’t think Penn State could field a team if the parole offi cers did their job.

Money is the name of the game. Just look at the $27 million the former coach of Ohio State was knocking down. I wonder what the legit student gets for trying to learn something.

By the time you read this, another Rotary Picnic will have come and gone. It is the biggest social thing that happens in these parts. It used to be a stag affair, but the women really add some class to this function. They are good workers and have improved Rotary threefold.

The menu is a real eating experience and most gourmet eating houses would have a hard time competing with it. I will meet a lot of old friends there; that is, if the grim reaper hasn’t paid them a visit.

At this picnic, I forget the woes and bad things happening and get completely involved having a good time. I even put my musket away and forget about wanting to start a revolution.

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