2011-12-03 / Front Page

Gas projects planned in Cameron County

While the “boom” in Cameron County shale gas production forecasted by some people has not arrived, there is some drilling activity underway and additional development being planned.

The Cameron County Board of Commissioners this week reported on projects being planned for several sites in the county.

JW Operating Company plans to install a pipeline in Lumber Township, near Portable Run, to withdraw fresh water and pipe it across Miller Hollow Run for hydrofracturing deep shale formations.

Seneca Resources is establishing a pad for welldrilling in Rich Valley, near Cooks Run, in Shippen Township. The site plan also includes developing a water impoundment.

Seneca is also building a pipeline to service its gas wells in the same area, about nine miles northwest of Emporium. That project includes an access road.

On a related note, plans are being developed for a shale gas business connection conference in Emporium, tentatively scheduled for mid-April 2012. Details will be announced.

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