2011-12-03 / Viewpoints

Through An Old Timer’s Eyes


As we turn the corner into the final month of the year it gets harder to count our blessings, as common sense seems to have left the country.

But even with this country going down the wrong road, we still have a lot to be thankful for. Maybe the Good Lord will dispatch someone with common sense to occupy the White House next time around.

It has been a long time since we had a leader. There are no George Washingtons, Thomas Jeffersons or Abe Lincolns on the horizon, but we can pray that He sends someone.

A lot of people to this day do not like what FDR did for this country and some even say we should have been on Hitler’s side in WWII. A lot of these so-called historians are the wealthy of this day and age and enjoy holding down the middle class, but this is a free country and they are entitled to their opinions.

I am opposed to the order of the day that we need to tax them more. Just make them pay their taxes the same as the working man does without all of the shelters and loopholes and I think we would be just fine. Taxing the wealthy more will not bail this country out of debt.

My wish is that we could put something in the water we all drink that would get rid of the greed.

Depression seems to be a reality for many older people during the holiday season. There are so many things that seem to take away the spirit of the season -- things that they recall from their past, and even the happy times.

If they have any family left, most of them are far away. Their memories are all they have left, some good and some bad, and when you wish them a happy holiday it may bring a tear to their eye.

In the corner of my mind lurks a story about a five-yearold boy, a dog and a very sad old man. When the little boy’s mother got in a bind for a sitter, the old man volunteered his wife to help her out.

She had two little boys, one three years old and a baby three months old. Five years later, they removed the children for their personal reasons. Now there is a very sad lady, a sad old man, and a dog that waits for the little boy every day to come through the door. Not a good scenario to start the holidays.

The smut-loving Republicans are still picking each other apart at their debates and the meek and mild Democrats stand around sucking their thumbs while the Independents are still trying to find someone to run for dog catcher.

Most politicians are afraid of their own shadow and I wonder where are we going to find a fighter to help this country get back the American pride and stand up to the rest of the world. Let’s rattle our swords and tell Iran to sit down and shut up or face the music. Kissing butt and offering money is not diplomacy. The world is waiting on the Israelis to do their dirty work and then they will be ostracized because they stood up to the bully. Don’t worry, because it is going to happen.

Sanctions don’t work. We have had sanctions in place for many years against Cuba and they haven’t folded yet.

This 18-year-old boy came home driving a $40,000 new pickup truck. Immediately his parents started to question him about how much he paid for it. When he told them he bought it for $15 from the lady up the street, they didn’t believe him.

His father went up the street to get to the bottom of this tall tale. He knocked on the door and, when the lady answered the door, he asked her how she could sell this truck for so little.

She replied, “My husband ran off to Hawaii with his coworker. He called me to tell me to sell his truck and send him the money.”

I am eternally thankful that the Pilgrims decided on turkey for Thanksgiving. Times were tough back then, too, and it just as easily could have been possum.

Keep your eyes open and your powder dry.

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