2012-02-11 / News

CCSD grant writer’s resignation granted earlier than requested

Cameron County School District board meeting had its share of debate on Thursday evening.

Board approval was requested to accept the resignation of CCSD grant writer Dr. Michael Lewis, to be effective April 30. While approval was given for Lewis’ resignation, approval for the effective date was not.

Lewis has been working as the CCSD grant writer since July at a cost of $12,000 through February and would have been owed an additional $3,000 if he reamined with the district through April 30. Some board members voiced concern that the $3,000 owed Lewis might be better spent on other needs of the district and that perhaps Lewis’s resignation should be accepted immediately.

According to Superintendent Kevin O’Donnell, Lewis has secured $20,000 in grants for the district with the possibility of another $10,000 coming if he’s given the opportunity to stay through April.

“I think we should let Mr. Lewis finish what he started,” O’Donnell said. “It would be a show of good faith towards him.”

Board member Sandra Shields suggested that the grant writing could be finished by O’Donnell and Assistant Superintendent, Lynn Hummell, saying “I believe it’s in your contracts that you both are able to write grants.”

Shields and other board members were concerned that the district wasn’t getting enough “bang for its buck” by paying Lewis $15,000 in salary for $20,000 in grants. “I think in the future the grant writer’s salary should be determined by a percentage of the grant money they bring into the district instead of a set salary,” Shields commented.

After the original motion was voted down, a new motion to amend the resignation was made to make it effective Feb. 29. That motion passed.

In other business, board members:

• approved the school calendar for 2012/2013.

• agreed to advertise for a new girls’ golf coach.

• approved a request to adopt the Seneca Highlands IU9 operating budget for 2012/2013. The budget reflects no increase in the district’s contribution.

Items that were tabled include a request to accept the Memorandum of Understanding between the Cameron County Education Association and the CCSD and discussion on the School Resource Offi cer.

Also, it was noted that the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) tests were being administered in March and the district was beginning preparations.

A committee meeting is planned March 7 at 6:30 in the CCHS library. The regular School Board Meeting will take place on March 15 at 7pm, also in the CCHS library. Both meetings are open to the public.

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