2012-03-10 / News

Woodland School needs costly window replacement

Cameron County School Board members discussed the possibility of replacing all the classroom windows at Woodland Elementary School at Wednesday’s committee meeting.

Maintenance Supervisor Jim Markum told the board that 22 of 49 rooms at the school have windows that need replaced, but that it would be best to replace all the windows at once to keep the look uniform.

Markum said that a rough estimate of the costs of the project could approach $450,000. If the project is approved, a bidding process would take place and work would be completed sometime this summer.

Wellness and Fitness instructor Mike Kunes gave a presentation on a sports conditioning program he has been running at the school called “Cameron County Athletic Enhancement.”

Pprogram is designed to increase the students speed, strength and athleticism while also focusing on injury prevention. Kunes has been volunteering his time to work with the high school’s athletic teams and individuals, but is hoping to convince the board to create a paid position for a strength and conditioning coach.

Cameron County’s cyber school program was also under discussion by the board.

Board member Robert “Speedy” Lininger stated that he believes the district needs to get students who are involved with the cyber school program back to the district.

Currently, students are permitted to enroll in a cyber school of their choosing. However, a new cyber program offered by the Cameron County School District would follow the same curriculum online as in the classroom and could also save the district $8,000 per student.

Personnel matters that will be acted on at the March 15 meeting include:

• the proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Cameron County Education Association and the Cameron County School Board pertaining to the retirement incentive.

• the resignation of Seth Fragale as Resource Officer.

• the resignation of Aaron Bowes as Assistant Football Coach.

• the retirement of teacher Susan Dechant.

Board approval will also be requested to increase the pay rate of substitute custodians and consideration will be given to adding Mary Dixon and Veronica Lukaschunis to the substitute custodial list.

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