2012-03-10 / Viewpoints

Through An Old Timer’s Eyes


The cold winter wind whistled through the trees, screeching in an evil tirade as it traveled down the Sinnemahoning Creek valley. Was this the music of the Grim Reaper’s marching band as he made a return trip to our community?

”Fall in!” was the command he called out, and four more old folks joined the ranks of recently departed souls.

When you are in the twilight of your life, it sure makes you wonder if you should get out of town before he calls on you. I am not afraid to die, just as long as it doesn’t hurt.

In the past several weeks we have lost a lot of old folks. Last week, another beloved member of the community, Buzz Olivett, joined the ranks.

He played a lot of pranks in his day, some very funny and some not so humorous. One I remember was the New Year’s Eve party when he chucked an M-80 firecracker into the roaster full of sauerkraut. Buzz thought the juice would put out the fuse, but that does not happen with an M-80. No need to say what happened.

We will miss you, Buzz.

There are a lot of things that are not right in this world and one of them is small-town politics. Just when you think you have the world by the tail, you find out it’s a donkey and he kicks you right out of your job. No need to mention names, as I’m sure the tongues are wagging by now.

Small-town politics are vicious.

The school shooting in Ohio is a prime example how our public school system has tumbled downhill in the past 30 or 40 years. Under the guise of progress, the powers have closed up all the small schools and then crammed the kids into a consolidated system.

Their explanation was that the kids would receive a better and more modern education. Well, our ranking in the world is a way down and that’s a result of consolidation.

Our students do not get the luxury of a teacher’s attention because they have so many students. After a long haul on a bus, most children are about worn out.

Many a student of today cannot read, write or do math. How can a student progress to the next grade when he has not learned what he needs to learn? Don’t they have standards any more?

The bad part of this story is that the way back to the way things need to be is blocked by blockheads.

Speaking of blockheads, I see where Rush Limbaugh crapped in his mess kit. Rush has two brains -- a big one the size of a pinhead and a small one. With his big mouth, it’s not hard for him to get his foot in his mouth. He will ride a horse until it dies and he will be kicking it even after its last breath.

Just remember that all the nuts ain’t in the woods on the trees, so you have to keep your eyes open, your hearing aid turned up, and your powder dry.

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