2012-09-29 / Viewpoints

Through An Old Timer’s Eyes


There was a time when the infantry in the United States Army was known as the “Queen of Battle.” Over the years since World War II, it is still the standard of the way a battle should be fought.

But the people who are the leaders in today’s Army are more like pacifists. In the long run, they have cost many lives by the way they want a war to be fought.

General officers are influenced too much by the politicians because that is who promotes them. They are taken out of the command responsibilities that were taught to them and they follow the elected officials who don’t understand war and don’t want to offend anyone.

The way that our soldiers are asked to fight a battle is scandalous. There are times when they are punished if they treat the enemy as an enemy.

I bring this up because when there is an election, there is often a chance to change things. But with this Presidential election in November, it does not matter which candidate wins because it will not affect the outcome of our 100-year war.

This is a real dud of an election. The old folks are running scared because they know that they are going to be hurt by either candidate. All the talk coming from either camp is about how they are going to save Social Security and Medicare. Social Security and Medicare are not broken and if something is not broken, you don’t need to fix it. The politicians just need to quit raiding these funds for every hair-brained thing that comes along and they need to tinker with the formulas so the funds do not go broke.

If they want to fix something, then they should forget who is making all of the campaign contributions and finally fix our tax system. Just because the rich have been successful doesn’t mean that they not pay their fair share. Let’s get rid of their loopholes. Why do they get all of these special exemptions and deductions? What happened to the part of the Constitution that says all men are created equal?

Lord, don’t send Jesus back to try and straighten this mess out unless you send a million angels to help him.

I am going to write a hymn that goes like this: “I looked over Washington and what did I see? A band of angels coming to see. What kind of mess is happening to thee?” Okay, so it’s hard to make it rhyme, but you get the idea. I guess I will have to brush up on my songwriting skills.

If I were 40 years younger, I would start a new political party and I would call it the Common Sense Party. We would be pushing for common sense solutions to the problems these eggheads make so complicated.

To beef up Social Security, we would take all of the fuel tax revenue for one day each month. To help bring down the deficit, we would cut a lot of our foreign aid. We would also pass the hat at football games every weekend. A cheap seat at an NFL game is somewhere around $80 or $100, so if people can afford that kind of tariff they can throw a couple dollars in the hat. But here in the good old USA, it’s to hell with all our problems, let’s play ball.

Old Jack Frost is hiding in the woods, but soon he will rear his ugly head. Outside projects will come to a halt and the snow shovels will be standing by to tackle the first snow.

Most of the folks around here are stockpiling their winter wood supplies. The three big maple trees in my yard are dropping leaves faster than I can get them corralled. Soon the old master painter from on high will wield his mighty paint brush and the woods will be alive with his beautiful colors.

We are so fortunate that we live in an area where we get the four seasons. Every season has its own spectacular beauty and we should all be thankful that we get to witness it.

Halloween is on its way and before I go trick or treating, I will wash my face and no one will know who I am.

Then comes Thanksgiving and around the corner, Christmas is waiting. Time goes so fast and as you get older it seems to go double-time.

Get your winter clothes ready and keep your powder dry.

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