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Eulalia Cemetery Needs Your Help

Dear editor:

As we embark on a new year, we continue to look for ways to meet the financial obligations for the Eulalia Cemetery.

We keep our expenses as low as possible, but there is only so many ways that we can reduce them. Our only income is from burials, sale of lots (which we keep as low in price as we can), interest from what small investments we have, and most importantly donations and memorials given to the Eulalia Cemetery.

Memorials and donations, which helped us make it through the past year, were:

In memory of David Anderson by Rebecca K and Joseph R. Monger, Lavern R. and Betty M. Saulter, Judith R. Regg, Dr. Victor and Linda Brown, Todd and Michelle Brown, Barbara Brown, Jane E. Haskins, Everett R. Jr. and Rita F. Blass, William R. and Leila A. McCloud, Dr. and Mrs. George C. Mosch II, Lawrence and Connie Wykoff, Beverly Gilpin, Shirley M. Anderson, Lorraine Russell and Janet Long.

In memory of Donald Anderson by Shirley Anderson and Janet Long; in memory of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Nelson by Rita F. and Everett R. Blass Jr.; in memory of Warren Cooper by Richard P. Cooper (Warren B.Cooper Estate), Frank and Roberta Kaspar.

Also, in memory of Carolyn Owens by Rosaline F. and Rod Pepper, Thomas and Donna Scott, Arnie and Billie Haskins, Emery E. Pepper Jr., Darla and Roger Jacobs, Pamela K. Pearson, Deirdre N. Ahl, Jean Crosby, Donna and Russell Mahon and Nan Pepper.

Also, in memory of Alice Lehman Cizek by J. Perry and Dorothy Howland; in memory of William and James “Bud” Lindsley by Jeannie and Rod Ouellette; in memory of the family of Floyd and Cecil Haskins by their family; in memory of Bruce Setzer by David A. And Susan E. Reese; in memory of C. A. and Mildred L. Roberts by Doris M. Lush.

Also, in memory of John Villesvik and Erik Villesvik by Mary Ann (Heidi) Lewis; in memory of the Lehman/Howland families by Col. Fred P. Howland and J. Perry and Dorothy M. Howland; and n memory of “family and friends resting on the hillside” by Ronald Jansey.

Donations were also received from Mary B. Mitchell, Betty L. and David G. Bray, David E. and Mary F. Heimel, Madge Appleby, Keith D. and Martha C. Hildreth, James D. and Loretta J. Berger, Henry L. Gaines, Rev. Col. Daniel Lee DD, George C. and Doris W. Mosch, James and Elizabeth Plotts, Anne Dewey Hart, Tom W. and Shirlee Leete, Shelley Butler, Carl H. and Linda M. Roberts, Edith S. Menschel, Maxine J. Shear, Kim Chitester, Tom Maynard, John B. Leete, Linda G. Russell and Maribelle M. Dunn.

Our board thanks all who have donated. Thanks also to A. J. Stiles, Kevin Euken and Walter Baker for sponsoring a fundraising dinner; to Jessica Cornelius and friends for the bake sale, and to those who donated needed supplies to our cemetery.

We again need your help by sending memorials and/or donations to Eulalia Cemetery, PO Box 226, Coudersport PA 16915. You will receive an acknowledgement that can be used for tax purposes.

Donna F. Lehman,


Eulalia Cemetery


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