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Through An Old Timer’s Eyes


This is an election year for a lot of the local offices, including seats on the School Board. Have you ever gone to a School Board meeting around these parts? They operate more like a top-secret corporate board of directors. You can’t even get into the room until they have finished taking care of all the important business they don’t want you to know about during their hush-hush “executive sessions.” If you don’t believe this, just ask any of the newspaper reporters who try to cover these meetings so the public will know how our kids are being educated and how our money is being spent. School board members get a lot of flak and they do not receive any salary. It is beyond me why anyone would want to do it but we should be glad that some people do. It’s the same thing with the low-paying jobs all around us. Where would we be without these people?

March weather this year has followed the usual pattern -- sunny one day, rain the next, and the next time you look out the window you see a blizzard. Next up on the list of important March dates are Palm Sunday and then Easter Sunday. A youth preacher had a group of little kids in front of the congregation and was quizzing them about the things that took place around Good Friday and Easter. He asked the kids what they knew about the Resurrection. One little boy raised his hand and said, “If you have one over four hours, you should call your doctor.”

Rain is a necessary part of March to make things grow and provide us with the stuff we drink and use on Saturday night to bathe in. I remember the old galvanized washtub that my mother set up in the kitchen. That was where my brother and I were scrubbed pink by our not-sogentle mother. “You could plant potatoes behind those ears,” she would tell me. That old tub was barely big enough to hold both of us and when we were through, she would give that little ragamuffi n dog of hers the same treatment. Usually when old Rex saw that tub, he would go hide, but she would always find him.

Our new Secretary of State went to Afghanistan and was insulted by their president. I don’t know why he didn’t punch the guy right in the nose.

This country has tried for far too long to be the nice guy. When will we shut off the billions of dollars that we pour into the economies of these corrupt countries? Most of it goes into their leaders’ pockets. Money will not buy us their loyalty.

I see where our grand and glorious governor is still trying to get his grimy meat hooks into the lottery money. He has wrecked everything else in this state and if he gets control of the lottery loot, then it’s goodbye lottery. And what did I tell you about the crooks who run the Pennsylvania Turnpike? They got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. It’s about time. If you do the math of all the cars and trucks that pay to drive on that road you can see what a big bundle of loot that is. It is a crime that we don’t have better control in this country of the money that is taken in every day. The U.S. government gets 18.4 cents per gallon of gasoline sold and 24.5 cents per gallon of diesel fuel. If that money went into the general fund, Ryan and the bean counters would go clean out of their minds. None of the programs would lack funding. I have about had it with this waste of money. When the old manure hits the oscillator, I hope both sides get hit in the face with the caw-caw. With more than 300 multimillionaires in the Congress, it’s no wonder the middle class is getting the shaft. They can’t relate to the common man. The government wants you to think that income tax is the only revenue that they receive. They think that we are a bunch of dummies because no one asks the right questions. We just keep voting those rich crooks into office time after time. I am not going to stop railing against their sweet benefits and pension deals. Even if you get voted out after two years, you are set for life. The paltry sum that most of us get from Social Security would make the members of Congress take the gas pipe. They all act like we are robbing the country blind, even though we paid into the fund for all those years and so did our employers.

This man was going to the horse auction and took his eight-year-old son with him. One horse caught his eye so he was giving it a good going over. The little boy asked his father why he was feeling the horse’s legs and the father replied, “Son, when I am going to buy a horse, I want him to be sound.” The boy suddenly became very concerned and said, “We better hurry home, Dad. The mailman is going to buy Mom!”

Keep your bifocals clean and your powder dry,

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