2014-10-04 / Potter County News

Potter County real estate news

Following are real estate transactions recently filed in Potter County Court:

• Sept. 2, Paul A. and Delores M. Buchsen to Dalton L. Burdick, 21.20 acres in Allegany Township, $50,000; William B. Seeley estate by Larry E. Seeley, Mary Seeley, Steve Seeley and Linda Seeley to Rodney E. and Lucinda M. Lane, 61.5 acres in Harrison Township, $170,000; Betty J. Pesock estate by Janet P. Davis, executrix, to Robert A. and Heather A. Page, two lots in Coudersport Borough, $60,000.

• Sept. 3, Charles V. Porter to Jason D. Mehl, 8.314 acres in Clara Township, $110,000; Dennis W. and Erma D. Matteson to Richard L. and Sherrill L. Cornell, 1.264 acre in Genesee Township, $65,000; Michael E. and Brenda S. Godfrey to Charles F. Paulik, 7.01 acres in Hector Township, $55,000; Richard E. and Kathleen E. Detterline to Mark and Debra Weaver, 1.82 acres in Allegany Township, $42,500.

• Sept. 4, Hi-Lo Hunting & Fishing Club by Frank T. Druzisky, trustee, to Nancy Behrik and Murel E. Rome, lot in Portage Township, $6,000; Lick Run Lodge to Lick Run Lodge LLC, 220.3 acres in Summit Township, $9,500; Daniel L. Galeotti estate by Lettie R. Zwolinski, administratrix, to Harry Long, lot in Austin Borough, $500.

• Sept. 5, Arnold W. and Paula J. Troutman to Dennis and Marsha Schatz, 1.83 acre in Sweden Township, $50,000; Edwin H. Douglas to Jason D. and Michelle L. Snyder, 134 acres in Oswayo and Sharon townships, $220,000.

• Sept. 8, James D. Centanni to Kenneth W. DeBour III and Eryn M. Hayes, 18.03 acres in Eulalia Township, $155,000; Elwood P. Lewis Jr. and Melissa M. Lewis to Dylan R. Willow, three lots in Ulysses

Borough, $65,000.

• Sept. 9, Margaret B. Jackson estate by Sherri L. Snyder to Courtney K. and Kristine A. Cole, 11.69 acres in Roulette Township, $152,500.

• Sept. 10, West Branch Services LLC and Tenaska Resources LLC to Clyde and Adriane Pierce, 4.44 acres in Pike Township, $45,000; Assunta R. Smith by AIF, Susan V. Litt to Garry W. Studley II, 5.55 acres in Shinglehouse Borough, $150,000.

• Sept. 11, Stephen F. and Denise M. Gubicza to Ray Geist and Judith Sanders, lot in Pike Township, $89,000; John S. and Kirsten M. Neihart to Jason J.W. Youndt, 6.015 acres in Summit Township, $175,000; Jeffery S. Wenger to Gary and Neita Hurley, 15 acres in Oswayo Township, $83,000; Shawn E. and Abbie L. MCullen to Steva L. Miller, 2.06 acres in Homer Township, $133,700; Nettie V. Shirey to Thomas F. and Sharon M. Faust, 8.418 acres in Eulalia Township, $92,900.

• Sept. 12, Dustin J. and Angella M. Smith to Janet Murray, 0.769 acre in Galeton Borough, $21,000.

• Sept. 15, Robert J. and Barbara A. Carroll to Bryce E. Norton, 0.595 acre in Coudersport Borough, $115,000; Donald W. and Patricia M. Hyde to Bryce E. Norton, 84.89 acres in Oswayo Township, $51,000; Michael A. and Linda L. Knowlton to Steven D. and Debra A. Horton, 21.4 acres on Sweden Township, $50,000; Robert Duvall deceased and Frances Duvall to Richard M. Wolfe and Sandra Duvall Wolfe, 51.2 acres in Abbott Township, $307,492; Robin Lee and Lois J. Barkley to Gregory D. Wilson, lot in Keating Township, $4,000; Robert Duvall deceased and Frances Duvall to Richard M. Wolfe and Sandra Duvall Wolfe, 13.98 acres in Abbott Township, $19,627.

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