2015-10-10 / Front Page

Female inmates to Potter County

Some women criminal offenders from Cameron County will soon enter a unique rehabilitation facility in Potter County as an alternative to jail.

Commissioners Phil Jones, Glen Fiebig and Jim Thomas last week approved a contract with Potter County to house women at the Women’s Residential Rehabilitation Center.

It’s located at the Northern Tier Children’s Home complex in Harrison Valley. Women who are court-ordered to the facility receive comprehensive services designed to reduce their chances of reoffending.

Cameron County will pay a daily $65 fee for each offender who is assigned to the center by President Judge Richard Masson.

“This will save the county a great deal of money,” said Jones. “The inmates housed there will qualify for Medical Assistance, so the county won’t be responsible for carrying the burden of medical expenses.”

The center is open to non-violent women, many of whom are in need of substance abuse and/or mental health treatment, employability support, educational assistance and other services. They’re housed in a residential setting, where families are able to visit and participate in structured counseling sessions with the detainee.

Currently, two women from Cameron County have been approved for admittance to the center.

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