2015-10-31 / Potter County News

Potter County real estate transactions

Following are the real estate transactions recently filed with the Potter County Recorder of Deeds:

Matilda C. MacNaughton estate by executor to Darren and Jamie Cummings, lot in Pleasant Valley Borough, $37,600; Martin J. and Patricia J. Aster to Anthony D. and Linda R. Gambino, lot in Coudersport Borough, $191,000; Steven A. and Gina T. Baker to Casey Kuntz and Amanda Swanson, lot in Galeton Borough, $82,000; and Richard A. McKelvie et al to Anthony and Marlene B Calvaresi, 95.78 acres in Genesee Township, $435,000.

Also, Jane K. Rice estate by executor to Travis Wilson, 8.8 acres in Sharon Township, $36,000; Mark A. and Mary T. Knaub to Kevin W. Fake, 4.18 acres in Wharton Township, $165,000; U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development to Leon S. and Phyllis J. Parker, lot in Galeton Borough, $30,278; and Terry Jo Romine to William D. and Barbara A. Howard, lot in Coudersport Borough, $60,000.

Also, Regina McGinnis to National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation, 232.45 acres in Genesee Township and Galeton Borough, $1,004; Ryan S. and Melissa L. Lampman to Brian R. Buck, lot in Ulysses Borough, $78,000; James O. Stinnett to Colleen M. Cloak, lot in Coudersport Borough, $64,500; Ronald Cloak by guardian Colleen Cloak and Colleen Cloak to Ryan S. and Melissa L. Lampman, 5 acres in Ulysses Township, $170,500.

Also, David L. Piaquadio to Chad Shuemaker, lot in Galeton Borough, $86,000; Nationstar Mortgage LLC by AIF to Michael Holbert, lot in Galeton Borough, $53,550; Carl E. and Kristine Karschner to Barry B. Mainus, lot in Galeton Borough, $125,000; William H. Ripple by sheriff to Northwest Savings Bank, lot in Austin Borough, $1,624; and Blair D. and Brooke R. Shupe by sheriff to United Midwest Savings Bank, 1.157 acres in Austin Borough, $978.

Also, Paul James and Carrie A. Potter by sheriff to Wilmington Saving Fund Society FSB, lot in Coudersport Borough, $721; Stanley E. McIlvee Jr. to Scott I. Mull, 1.28 acres in Harrison Township, $4,500; Kenneth B. and Pascha J. Kauffman to Richard L. and Cheryl D. Cook, 1 acre in Harrison Township, $22,000; Todd A. and Jamie M. Lebo to James S. and Maureen F. Bellissimo, lot in Sylvania Township, $49,900; and Waneta P. and Elizabeth A. Snyder to Lindsay Schwartzmeyer, lot in Couderport Borough, $174,900.00.

Also, Margaret B. Jackson trust by trustees to Elizabeth A. Snyder, lot in Roulette Township, $110,000; Thomas A. and Joan O. Maynard to Darrel L. Maynard, 5.4 acres in Coudersport Borough, $90,000; Larry D. and Helen Glenn Evans to David B. and Janet J. Eubanks, 1.2 acres in Sylvania Township, $20,000; William L. and Shanon R. Sallade and Jason T. and Karie L. Saler to Page Property Management LLC, .306 acre in Coudersport Borough, $200,000; and Dennis S. Eunice F. Hamby to Gold Eagle Resources II LLC, 78.57 acres in Genesee Township, $10.

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