2015-10-31 / Viewpoints

‘Doe’ License Folly

Dear editor:

House Bill 231 in Harrisburg would remove the issuance of antlerless deer hunting licenses from county treasurers.

It changes the authorized issuing agents to the Pa. Game Commission or “agents designated by the director” of the PGC using the Pennsylvania Automated Licensing System (PALS).

That’s all the bill says. The PGC has no plan in place that describes how its “designated agents” will implement the processing of more than 700,000 antlerless deer licenses each year.

Who might the director of the PGC choose as a designated agent? Big-box stores?

Treasurer offices across the state have cleaned up and corrected hunter profile problems in the PALS that are too numerous to count. Many are caused by other issuing agents whose staff is untrained in the hunting laws.

Representative Mullery has said that hunters should be able to obtain an antlerless deer license online. If only the internet is utilized, it will discriminate against the elderly, the Amish, and others who do not have internet access.

Loss of revenue to the counties would be considerable. Who will the PGC select to instead make that profit? Certain retail stores? Or will the PGC be hiring and training more staff?

Who will help our active military personnel home on leave?

HB 231 will dismantle the system of customer service and assistance provided by the treasurers through the antlerless license process.

I respectfully ask the House of Representatives to cast a “no” vote on HB 231. Our hunters are counting on you.

Mary Jo Sherwood


McKean County

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