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Wolf Tracks

Many people who are unfamiliar with the Holy Bible are surprised when they learn of the many references to our environmental stewardship duties within its pages.

Many of the same politicians who pick and choose snippets from the Bible to justify their political beliefs seem to ignore one of the clearest messages: we are charged with protecting our planet and its species.

So what can we, as rank and file citizens, do?

We can try to conserve the land and the water in our own way. And we can speak out. So many who have crusaded to protect the environment have given up hope and walked away in defeat.

Many decision-makers turn a deaf ear to our pleas. Ruling bodies do not consider themselves accountable to the will of the people, let alone the scriptures.

They know best and they will determine what is best for us.

We, the people, must not abandon the good fight for the land and the water. Those of us who respect the word of God know that we answer to a higher power.

With bear populations falling in Wildlife Mana gement Unit 3A, the Game Commission plans to eliminate an extended bear-hunting season this year. Karen Wolf photo With bear populations falling in Wildlife Mana gement Unit 3A, the Game Commission plans to eliminate an extended bear-hunting season this year. Karen Wolf photo _______________

Members of the Pa. Game Commission approved hunting seasons earlier this year. The agency will decide on antlerless deer license sale numbers during its April 4-5 meeting.

Those decisions are closely followed and never fail to generate some controversy.

Another issue that could create a stir is a possible change in the schedule for out-ofstate hunters to apply for doe licenses. Traditionally, they’ve had to wait two weeks.

A proposal before the PGC would cut that to one week. It’s part of an ongoing effort to placate non-resident deer hunters, many of whom are native Pennsylvanians who have moved away. Many non-residents own camps in parts of northcentral Pennsylvania where antlerless licenses sell out before nonresidents have a chance to apply.

Another action of local interest is the plan to eliminate the extended season for black bears in Wildlife Management Unit 3A, which includes all of the property north of Rt. 6 in Potter and McKean counties.


Our Second Amendment rights are always under attack.

There’s a fallacy among some of the loudest crusaders that a gun-free America would be safer than one in which people carry weapons for self-defense.

One of the simplest arguments we defenders of the Second Amendment continually voice is more compelling today than it’s ever been: a criminal intent on committing a crime with a gun is not going to be too concerned about having to obtain it legally.

My pet peeve is the alliance between gun control zealots and anti-hunting organizations. Some do not realize that a “sporting arm” is different from a “weapon.” Many don’t care.

The truth is that guns can prevent crime. Knowing that someone has a gun in his home and knows how to use it has deterred countless home invaders.

Haven’t we learned from Prohibition or the War on Drugs? Making something that people want illegal tends to increase demand, and it fills the coffers of a criminal element that meets that demand.

But, more importantly, how can we justify infringing on Americans’ constitutional rights?

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