2016-06-25 / Outdoors


Elk State Forest recently announced plans to complete another phase of an ongoing wildlife habitat improvement project designed to revitalize old farm fields. Staff will shortly begin placing clover around the edge of a food plot located near Sage Farm in Cameron County. The interior of the plot will be planted with native upland wildlife forage and a cover meadow mix which includes Big Blue Stem, Virginia Wildrye, Switchgrass, Partridge Pea, Blackeyed Susan, Indiangrass, Oxeye Sunflower, Common Milkweed and more. These food plots, along with the surrounding forest and a nearby old apple orchard, will provide excellent wildlife habitat for years to come. For more information, call the District Office at 486-3353, visit www.dcnr.state.pa.us, or check out the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/elkstateforest.

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