2016-10-15 / Front Page


About a dozen demonstrators lined up to protest a white supremacist rally in Ulysses observed a bizarre spectacle last Saturday during what amounted to a peaceful standoff. With Rt. 49 as the dividing line, protesters from the Twin Tiers for Racial Equality (TTRE) group stood outside the Ulysses Post Office holding signs promoting equal rights. About an equal number of people from the National Socialist Movement, primarily members of the Dan and Sabrina Burnside family, walked into town and positioned themselves across the road. A witness said they proceeded to mix two liquids evidently designed to represent African-Americans and Jews in a container labeled “fertilizer,” and then chanted “Sieg Heil!,” a Nazi salute. They then walked north on Rt. 49 back to the Burnside residence. TTRE members said they plan to continue making their presence known in the region and encouraging businesses and individuals to show their commitment to multicultural awareness and acceptance through the display of posters and stickers bearing the group’s heart-shaped logo.

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