2016-10-15 / News


Another successful fundraiser for Austin Area School’s Gerald Duffee Sr. Memorial Scholarship was held during Austin History and Pride Days. Overall winners of the traditional 5K race were Johnathon Ritsick and Hilary Cooney. Other winners were (in order): 14 and under, Laura Rothermel and Jacob Hooftallen; 15- 19, Connor Rothermel and Rylee Hooftallen; 20-29, Chelsey Dynda, Desi Earle and James Earle; 30-39, Crystal Fowler and Tiffany Gledhill; 40-49, Glenn Rees, Tammy Gaines and Michelle Glover; 50-59, Steve Erway, Bucky Marshall and Becky Monger; 60 and up, Marylee Lux and Mike Walden.

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