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Pet Chatter

Benny not ‘just a cat’

We’ve all seen and heard about animals being abused. As animal lovers, these stories take a little piece of our hearts every time we hear them. Often, we wonder what becomes of the abused animal.

Here’s one of those stories, featuring “Benny,” an abused cat that was trapped by the Potter County Animal Assistance Project (PCAAP), in the words of his rehabilitator:

Benny came to us mid-March as a feral cat -- bruised, broken, and abused. He wouldn’t let anyone touch him or get near him. He didn’t like the other three kitties that came to us at the same time he did. He would hide and shy away from anyone and anything.

We didn’t think he would come around, but we kept our faith in him. As the months went by, he seemed to get a little better. We would always talk to him to assure him that he was with people who would no longer harm him, that he would get the love he deserved. He would see the other kitties getting petted and loved.

Then we decided to try treats. He would let us put the treats in front of him, but still we couldn’t touch him. Then July came around. That’s when everything about Benny changed.

When he would get treats, I would lightly touch him (never his head, always his back or sides). When he shied away, I would back off and give him a couple more treats.

Then, one day, I decided to attempt to pet him, as I would any sweet and lovable cat. He let me! I was shocked and so happy at the same time.

Now, any time he sees me he will meow until I come and pet him. When I’m sitting petting him, he will rest his head on my cheek.

Today, Benny surprised us again. He let a male touch him for the first time. This once angry and terrified cat is now the sweetest pet. It took four months, but we did not give up. Benny now knows that he is with loving and caring people, that he will never go through the hurt and torture that he once endured.

One thing is for sure -- Benny has stolen my heart and will forever be my boy.

(Columnist’s note: Benny will go to his forever home with the person that rehabilitated him as soon as he is neutered.)

‘Til next time, take care of those you love . . . even those with fur, feathers, fins or scales.

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