2018-03-10 / News

Deeds filed in Potttter County

Following are real estate transactions filed with the Potter County Recorder of Deeds:

Mary I. Placente to Jared McCutcheon, Ulysses Township, $17,000; Melissa R. and Larry E. Lukehart Sr. to Dennis W. and Rose M. Lloyd, Coudersport Borough, $190,000; Donald E. Heiner, Jr. to Eric S. Delong, Hebron Township, $38,000; Terry L. and Bonnie L. Griffifith to Shawn C. and Stephanie J. Horning, Sharon Township, $85,500; and Robert E. Rice Jr. estate by executor to David S. and Deanna L. Zenner, Shinglehouse Borough, $16,000.

Also, Edith Abigail Crowley estate by administratrix to Charles and Terri Magee and Brian Pleace, Sharon Township, $2,300; Alfred R. and Connie Jean Lund to Black Bear Land & Timber LLC, Hector Township, $53,500; Paul D. and Karen M. Shaderowfsky to Heidi J. Milhous, Eulalia Township, $390,900; Charles H. Baumgardner and Floyd B. Clare to Lowell W. and Virginia Geiser, Abbott Township, $4,500; and Galen I. Stuski, Christine C. Shubert and Louise C. Bentivegna to Tracy L. and Ryan N. Zimmerman, Hector Township, $125,000.

Also, Merrill E. Adams Jr. to John B. Gochnauer, Clara Township, $39,000; Gwen M. Dudley to John and Sherri Herr, Portage Township, $85,000; Donovan V. and Jean A. Grom to Christopher William Howard, Hebron Township, $37,550; Alan M. and Anne T. Acker to Christopher W. Howard, Coudersport Borough, $96,400; Mary Pierce by sheriff to LSF10 Master Participation Trust, Coudersport Borough, $8,100; and Joseph and Sandra Cimino and Rosemary and Alonzo W. Bunch to Jason M. Miller and Brittany L. Dunn, Galeton Borough, $45,000.

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