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Protesters ignore other issues

Dear editor:

It seems that the news at the county seat is dominated by the proposed “frack water” treatment plant on the west side of Coudersport.

Opponents point out that they are fighting for clean air and water. I think it is worth mentioning that some of these people who speak out on these kinds of issues seem to be opposed to everything -- no wind turbines, no solar farms, no natural gas drilling, etc.

So, what are the alternatives? Should we re-fire the power plants with coal? I can’t see that helping the air or water.

Should we light our homes with oil lamps? That will make some very bad air, particularly in the house. Should we heat with wood stoves?

I don’t mean to say that shale gas drilling and hydrofracturing are perfect, but natural gas is the best alternative at this time. We need it right here, right now, and we have it. So we must do what we need to do to get it.

Not long ago, the cry was that this process would pollute our water. The industry answered those concerns by using the same water over and over again. Industry then found a way to clean it for re-use, and those plants are working with very good results.

Now we have a way of doing better yet. With this plant, we can make water possibly better than what comes from many spigots.

There are so many other things we can do if we are serious about protecting our water quality. In winter, we dump millions of tons of road salt that ends up in our waterways. Where are the demonstrators when it comes to PennDOT or the townships and boroughs?

Each year, thousands of gallons of toxic weed killer are dumped along roadways for vegetation control. And then there is the run-off from other poisons used on the land for pest and weed control or other activities by man. Again, I ask, where are the protesters?

Donald Hunt

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