2018-04-14 / Front Page

Water treatment project dead

A series of unanimous votes by the Coudersport Area Municipal Authority Mon- day night brought to an abrupt end a controversial plan to build a shale gas wastewater treatment plant near the borough’s western border.

Representatives of Epiphany Environmental, the Pittsburgh area operate the facility more than two years ago, could not be reached for comment. Three days earlier, Epiphany had lost its only customer when JKLM Energy announced it would not be contracting with the company for water treatment.

It’s still not clear what events transpired to kick off the chain of developments that abruptly scuttled the plan. JKLM and CAMA each issued public statements that offered no clues. CAMA members met privately in executive session Monday and emerged with unanimous votes on the resolutions. Members are Bill Krog, Paul Herzig, Todd Brown, Ed Easton III and Kevin Saulter.

Epiphany had proposed to accept of wastewater from shale gas drillers, and, after distillation, discharge up to 42,000 gallons a day into CAMA’s sewage treat­ment plant and then into the Allegheny River.

Applications for Pa. Dept. of Environmental Protec­tion approval, filed by both Epiphany and CAMA, were pending.

Epiphany maintained the high-tech distillation process it had developed would remove salt and other con­taminants from the shale gas wastewater and the plant’s effluent would be pure. Pro­testers, including the Seneca National of Indians, con­tested the claim and alleged the plant could pollute the Allegheny River.

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