2018-04-14 / Outdoors

Gobbler prospects ‘mixed bag’

Spring turkey season is drawing closer. It opens with the junior/mentored youth hunt on April 21 before the statewide season kicks off on April 28, running through May 31.

A hunting license al­lows Pennsylvanians to kill a turkey, but hunters can also buy a special license to take a second bird. There were nearly 20,000 of those licenses issued last year. Hunting hours begin one- half hour before sunrise and end at noon for the first two weeks of the statewide sea­son. After that quitting time is one-half hour after sunset.

As always, only bearded birds may be harvested and hunting is permitted by call­ing only. Successful turkey hunters must tag the bird and report the kill to the Pa. Game Commission.

Mary Jo Casalena, PGC wild turkey biologist, de­scribed the spring gobbler season prospects as “a mixed bag.”

Turkey reproduction last summer varied across the state. Acorn, beech, and cherry production was also inconsistent, while beech­nut, white-oak acorn and soft mast production (such as apples and grapes) were above-average in some areas and not so good in others.

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