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Seed exchange opportunity for 'green thumbs'

Gardeners or those who are con­sidering taking up the hobby are welcome to attend this year’s organizational meeting for the Potter County Seed Exchange, scheduled for 6:30 pm Tuesday, May 29, at the Coud­ersport Public Library.

Library director Teri McDowell (below) has been preparing to host the meeting and arrange for the library to continue its role as headquarters for the service.

“This is an opportunity for people to about what a seed exchange is, and what it can do for you,” McDowell explained. “Bring seeds from your own stash to trade or share with others. There will be prize drawings along with herbal tea and cookies while you’re socializing with oth­ers who enjoy plants and gardening.”

Participation in the seed exchange hit its stride last spring when, through a part­nership with local resident Pam Ruane, the library became the repository for free seeds for bud­ding gardeners and horticulturists.

Purpose of the ex­change is to increase the capacity of the community to feed itself wholesome food while support­ing self-reliance and a culture of sharing.

Seeds for herbs, vegetables, flowers and ornamentals are available. All that’s asked in return is that participants return some of the seeds they save to the library at the end of the growing season.

“Many people aren’t getting the nutrition they need from fresh fruits and vegetables,” Ruane explained. “Families are eating out more, or they’re purchasing pre-packaged foods.”

As a result, she continued, there are heightened rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and other health-related issues.

McDowell built on the seed exchange to organize presen­tations covering canning, composting, sustainable growing practices, gardening tips and other topics. A program to teach young children how their food grows and how to plant seeds is on this year’s agenda.

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