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If you’re job hunting, here you go

Empereon now fill ‘inbound’ calling positions


Time Warner stunned the Coudersport area in 2007 by shutting down its customer care operations, eliminating 500 jobs in the process, a financial incentive package backed by the state government helped to reel in a new employer to fill the void.

More than a decade later, Empereon Marketing employs about 80 people at its customer contact center in the former Adelphia Tennis Center, and a spokesman confirms that dozens more jobs are on the books, waiting to be filled.

A contract recently signed with a national communications provider will result in yet another 30 jobs being created at Empereon. These are for “inbound” call processing, rather than telemarketing.

Employees will be fielding calls made by Frontier customers or prospective customers seeking to buy additional products or to report service issues.

“We have existing jobs and now these new jobs available,” the spokesman said. “These are jobs that pay above the minimum wage, offer incentives that can increase the compensation, and carry health insurance and other benefits. We just need the people to fill them.”

That’s notwithstanding the monthly state labor market summaries that report hundreds of Potter County adults are supposedly “unemployed and actively looking for work.”

In its latest effort to fill the jobs, Empereon recruiter Maria Kosa (inset) has embarked on a series of field trips at area public libraries. They started in Galeton, Shinglehouse, Ulysses and Port Allegany.

Next open interviews are planned in Ulysses on Thursday, March 21 (1-3 pm); Port Allegany on Tuesday, March 26 (noon-3); and Galeton on Thursday, March 28 (noon-3).

Prospective employees wanting to get a jump start on the process can tap into the Empereon Marketing website or call 814-260-1088, ext. 1806, to register.

While recruitment and retention of employees remains an ongoing battle, turnover has been reduced in recent months, thanks to changes in the company’s hiring policies. Prospective workers are now subject to pre-employment drug screening and background checks.

Employees are eligible for medical/dental/vision benefits after a trial period of employment, and begin to accumulate paid vacation days. Empereon also offers a company-matched 401(k) retirement plan, employee discounts on services offered by clients, personal days and in-house advancement opportunities. In addition, a program has been instituted that rewards employees with a $100 bonus for each new worker brought in by referral. They receive an additional $50 bonus for each month their referral is employed by Empereon.

Majority of the jobs are entry-level positions involving sales calls for cable television, internet and other communications providers. They require little or no experience. Other clients inked by Empereon include collection services for the auto finance, telecommunications and direct-lending industries.

In addition to its Coudersport facility, the company has locations in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.

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