2019-03-16 / News

Moate seeks GOP nomination

A political newcomer has joined the race for a seat on the Cameron County Board of Commissioners.

James Moate, a lifelong Cameron County resident, is seeking one of two Republican nominations to be decided in the May 21 municipal primary election.

Moate suggests that he can bring modern ideas and undivided dedication to the table, while working well with colleagues on the board.

“As a man of humble beginnings and a laborer for majority of my life, I consider myself to be quite frugal and I definitely know the meaning of a hard day’s work,” Moate said. “I believe I could find ways for the county to save money.

He cites budgeting experience as a board member for the Moose Lodge, Knights of Columbus and Christabelle Club.

Moate is calling for county support of business retention strategies. He believes his communication skills would result in better partnerships with townships and boroughs, and a greater openness to public input on county business.

Lastly, he has pledged to make his service a full-time job. He would leave his current employment, as a team leader at Caldwell Corporation, if elected.

Before that, he worked at GKN, Shippen Township, Olivett’s ShurSave, Gore’s Auto Sales and Endeavor News.

The candidate is a member of St. Mark Catholic Church. He and his wife, Devin (Williams), are raising two sons.

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