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Energy Folly

Dear editor:

Donald Trump is apparently quite content ceding America’s lead in solar energy to China.

His 2019 budget proposes slashing the Energy Department’s renewable energy and energy-efficiency funding by about 75 percent. He has called for killing the Advanced Research Projects Agency/Energy (ARPA-E), which promotes and funds research and development of advanced technologies.

Last January, Trump imposed a 30-percent tariff on imported solar equipment, which has hurt solar panel sales and eliminated installer jobs. America still has twice as many jobs in solar as in coal. It is the consumer who will pay the tariff’s extra charge.

China’s solar energy is booming. The nation provides 20 percent of the world solar energy equipment market and it is growing. Its solar science labs, solar energy farms, advanced solar batteries, electric cars, second generation solar roof cells/panels, and improved solar grid system have pushed China to the top.

Meanwhile, Trump has called climate change a “hoax.” Our clean-air regulations have been rolled back. Trump withdrew us from the Paris climate agreement and he has pushed for increased use of fossil fuels, particularly coal. He has authorized additional offshore oil and gas drilling and opened up national lands for exploitation.

Glaciers melt, oceans rise, ecosystem changes threaten flora and animal lives, weather extremes are occurring more frequently, and the ozone continues to deteriorate.

Trump’s energy policy ignores science, shuns our fellow G6 nations, is shortsighted, and is backward looking.

We need to pay attention.

Don Scott

Note To Hunters

Dear editor:

I enjoyed reading your editorial, “In Defense of Hunting.” The writer makes some great points about nature’s delicate balance and the primal survival of the fittest.

One thing that was lacking in his essay was the recognition of common ground that we hunters, anglers and outdoor lovers should be sharing with the environmental movement.

Based on the election returns in this part of Pennsylvania, it appears that protecting the only earth we have is not a priority. Voters here regularly support candidates who deny climate change, support reckless energy development, and would favor indiscriminately rolling back regulations with no regard to the consequences (such as poisoning our water, air and land).

To my fellow hunters and outdoors people, I ask you to see the bigger picture. We depend on a clean environment to pursue our hobbies. Most importantly, our conservation ethic commands us to be stewards of that environment so that we can pass it on to future generations.

Your most powerful voice is your vote. You should exercise that hard-fought right responsibly. Don’t fall victim to the knee-jerkers and political tacticians who are out to manipulate you into using that power unwisely.

We all have so much to lose.

Cody Smith

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