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Throw It Out

Dear editor:

The role of government is to maintain an environment for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness -- not to manage the economy.

Government is not a producer of wealth and jobs that creates a bigger tax base and higher standard of living. We have erred as a country by injecting socialism and politics into economics and the allocation of goods and services.

Unintended consequences are more government, an elitist ruling class, inequalities, corruption, and a dead-end road for the country. Socialism is a problem maker and not a problem solver; a wealth consumer and not a wealth creator.

It is time to repeal the 16th Amendment. End direct taxation along with the IRS, income tax, payroll taxes and tax withholding. Renew our lost civil rights, freedom and liberty.

Stop using the tax system to divide us into classes. Remove the taxes on jobs and production (income, savings and investment), as these are what create wealth and a higher standard of living for all.

The solution is the Fair Tax Act (HR 25). Learn more online at bigsolution.org.

Paul Livingston
Jacksonville, Fla.

Legalize Marijuana?

Dear editor:

Is legalized recreational marijuana a good choice for Pa.? The answer should be obvious.

Medical usage may be of merit, as well as lessening or abolishing the criminal incarceration. But recreational usage? Absolutely not.

As an attorney representing electric companies, I have retained national experts who testified and confirmed that employers’ failing to prohibit their workers’ use or possession and/or sale of marijuana would constitute negligence.

They documented that the effects of marijuana on the brain have impairment implications for a considerable length of time. Habitual use results in “major structural changes in brain tissue.”

According to their testimony, “Work assignments that are clearly at risk include driving a vehicle, working with machinery, climbing heights (and others) which involve depth perception, logical sequences or steps or timing to perform a given task, and/or short-term memory and concentration.”

It continued, “These effects can be long term, and long after the ‘high’ is gone . . . there is still measurable long-term effects that last long after the THC, the major acting ingredient in marijuana, has done its thing.”

Let’s not let Pennsylvania’s need for increased tax revenues ignore the negative realities of recreational marijuana use.

Harry A. Flannery
Conneaut Lake

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