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Sunday Hunting

Dear editor:

I have read with skepticism the letters to the editor opposing Sunday hunting.

One writer contends that allowing hunters to hunt two or three Sundays a year is going to upset the whole family social order. How about a little tolerance?

Hunters provide a valuable function for the deer population. If they didn’t harvest hundreds of thousands of deer each year, the woods and fields and your yards would be eaten bare. Then the deer herd would starve and the population would crash.

Car versus deer accidents would soar and some people would die.

The simple truth is that the deer population has to be managed. People who oppose hunting haven’t analyzed what would happen without hunting.

Many hunters have to work or go to school on weekdays, so they have little opportunity to get out in the woods. Sunday hunting would allow them to enjoy their interests, too.

Robert Patalon

Speed Cameras

Dear editor:

I am writing on behalf of the National Motorists Association.

The safety argument for speed cameras has been debunked. Studies have shown speed camera areas having an increase in crashes or the cameras had no effect.

In the UK, a substantial increase in crashes was seen, due to “panic braking.”

In this state, Act 86 of 2018 puts speed cameras on interstates, the turnpike, federal-aid highways, US 1, and gives the state police LIDAR guns. Modifications to the original bill may make the law invalid.

The bill does not require best-practice engineering and enforcement, and the issue of errors is not addressed. Maryland speed cameras produced many errors. There was an accuracy double-check in a previous bill, but it was removed.

Did PennDOT ever hear about using the zipper merge, night work, keeping multiple lanes open? Where is a requirement for 85th percentile speed limits? Do workers do unsafe things? Do rapid lane changes or slamming the brakes make sense for “steer clear?”

Ticket the actual driver and make the penalty community service, and see who wants cameras then. No more poor engineering and predatory ticketing either.

Also, the stop-arm cameras the state passed last year may not be legal.

James Sikorski Jr.
Pa. Advocate, NMA

Team Effort

Dear editor:

We want to express our appreciation for the support we have received in our mission to keep Emporium a beautiful place in which to live.

We thank the Emporium Foundation for its continuing support.

Also, members of the borough’s Maintenance Department are ever watchful of any problems that arise. We are grateful for their help in keeping Emporium clean and beautiful.

Lastly, Emporium Borough Council continues to allot budgetary funds to our organization for the disposal of the tallest trees.

Emporium Shade Tree Commission

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